Give your clients and customers the right impression with well-cared-for lawns and gardens, while saving time and using water sustainably.


• Boost curb appeal   • Increase property value   • Build sustainability

The landscapes surrounding your commercial property tell a story about your business. Are your lawns and gardens telling the right story to your clients and customers? A well cared for lawn and lush landscaping can make an invaluable first impression that enhances your reputation. The ideal way to achieve that coveted curb appeal is with a commercial irrigation system. Pro Irrigation have all the experience needed to design, install and service irrigation systems that suit the unique requirements of your property. When you invest in a quality irrigation system, you are directly investing in your business and increasing the value of your property. You’ll also benefit from reduced costs in water bills. Our carefully designed irrigation systems use the precise amount of water needed to nurture your landscapes, delivered at the ideal time for maximum absorption.

Our installations are customised to the contours and design of your existing landscapes, optimising water usage. Instead of wasting valuable time standing around with a hose, you can focus on your business, knowing that your automated irrigation systems have everything under control. And it’s not just time that we save. With water restrictions being a common factor in Auckland summers, an irrigation system uses less water than hand-watering methods. So you can keep your business eco-friendly and sustainable as well as beautiful.

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