Ensure your irrigation system is working optimally year-round with our complete service package, seasonal reminders, and exceptional customer service.


• Complete service package   • Seasonal reminders   • Exceptional customer service

Professionally installed irrigation systems are tailor-designed to meet the unique needs of your landscaping. They are carefully configured to deliver the optimal amounts of water at the perfect times to keep your lawn lush and your plants and flowers thriving. But even the highest quality systems and components can’t continue to deliver precise results indefinitely. Every system requires servicing and maintenance to ensure it’s working to the same top-notch standards it was installed to produce. That’s why Pro Irrigation offers complete servicing as part of our irrigation installation packages. Not only do we care about doing an excellent job during the initial installation stage; we are dedicated to continuing care for your residential or commercial irrigation systems in the long-term.

To ensure the various elements of your irrigation system are all operating at optimal capacity to reduce water usage and keep your lawns and gardens looking beautiful year-round, we recommend an annual service. But you don’t have to add this task to your already full to-do list; Pro Irrigation will send you reminders towards the end of winter, so you can ensure your irrigation system is in premium working order before summer arrives.

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